Flock of Flamingos Fundraiser


Flamingos in Spring!


Flocks of pink flamingos land on the lawns of fun-loving Band families! During the fundraiser, here's how you can make arrangements to have them gather in a yard near you:


Sign Up: Pay $35 for each flock through My Account (the "My Forms / Paperwork" area), then send an email to dhsbandfund@gmail.com and let us know the following:

  • Band family you'd like to flock
  • Address for flocking
  • Anything we need to know about access to the yard
  • Preference of date between March 1-17, if any (dates aren't necessarily guaranteed)
  • Whether you'd like to deliver the flock on the appropriate date or have a team of our volunteers do it

What Happens Then: You'll receive an email confirming your purchase then another confirming your date. After delivery, our flamingo wranglers will pick up the birds after they've been enjoyed for 24 to 48 hours.


(If you're the lucky recipient of a flock, you can contact us to find out who made it possible.)


Note: Families have the option to opt out. If you'd prefer not to participate, please send an email here to let us know. 

Questions? Contact dhsbandfund@gmail.com. Happy flocking!

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