2019 Marching Band Season FAQ


 Marching Band Uniform Guidelines


At the beginning of the marching season, every member of the marching band is assigned the following elements of their uniform:

  • Bibbers
  • Jacket
  • Gauntlets
  • Hat
  • Gloves (if appropriate)


In addition, each rookie receives a new pair of shoes. Returning band members receive replacement shoes if they have outgrown their old ones and can return them.


Band members are expected to wear a clean show (007) shirt and shorts under their uniforms for each marching performance.  It is the band member’s responsibility to provide their own black socks and to keep them clean during the season.


During the marching season, all band members are expected to maintain their uniform, including keeping all elements of their own uniform in the uniform bag or hat box when not in use. If there is any problem with a part of the uniform, please contact the chair of the uniform committee, Martha Moore-Keish, at keishm@ctsnet.edu.


After the season ends, band members should NOT leave their gloves and gauntlets in their hat boxes, as this will prevent these items from being dry-cleaned. After the last performance, these items should be placed in the uniform bag. All jackets and gauntlets will then be dry cleaned, and bibbers get machine washed. Band members may take their bibbers home and wash them during the season if they feel the need.


If a band member misplaces any part of the uniform, the uniform committee will provide a temporary replacement.  If any part of the uniform is still missing at the end of the season, the band member will be responsible to pay the cost of replacement.


Student Physicals - Required 

The school is now using DragonFly Max for physicals and health history information. Please note a physical exam is required for all students participating in Marching Band.  Click here to link to the DHS Athletic Dept for required school physicals forms and information.



Dues are the same for all Marching Band sections, including colorguard. 


Summer 2019 Payment Schedule:

1st Payment (commitment deposit) due May 10, 2019                     $100 non-refundable deposit

2nd Payment Due June 1 *Financial Assistance deadline                $250

3rd Payment Due July 1                                                                    $250

Total Cost Due before Band Camp                                                $600



Band dues include:

  1. Semi-private instruction for percussion, guard, visual and music from August - November
  2. Band camp staff for over 100 hours of instruction
  3. Rookie Camp
  4. Website for communication
  5. Financial Assistance
  6. Uniform rental for Instrumentalists and Colorguard students 
  7. Colorguard equipment
  8. Instrument rental for Marching band Season if applicable 
  9. Marching band season tee shirt as part of band uniform (students keeps)
  10. Track jacket and marching shoes for new band members (student keeps)
  11. Brass, Woodwind and Percussion show music
  12. Colorguard choreography
  13. Drill writing for the show (pictures the band makes on the field)
  14. Brass/Woodwind/Percussion choreography
  15. Three dinners during camp 
  16. Pool Party
  17. Three Competition Registrations


Band dues do not include:


Lost or damaged items due to neglect including instrument, shoes, jacket or colorguard accessories are not covered by band dues.

If any part of the uniform is missing at the end of the season, the band member will be responsible to pay the cost of replacement.   



Marching Band Packet for 2019 Marching Season

Click here for the  2019 Marching Band Packet - please note dates and time for games, rehearsals and competitions may have changed, please refer to the website calendar for current/updated info.