Instrument Rental 

Applies to all 2020 Marching Season and 2020-21 School Year Instrument Rentals


DHS band students using school instruments need to have their parent/guardian complete a band inventory agreement form for each instrument they use. Instruments will be provided to students after inventory agreements are received.


Click here and scroll down to Student Forms to fill out appropriate form(s). Login is required, if your student is not already registered click here for registration instructions. Instruments will not be provided to students without this required agreement.


Marching Band 2020: Rental fees are included in Marching Band dues

School Year 2020-21: $50 rental payment is DUE NOW



1. Students will receive the following information from Mr. Ehrlich on an inventory form brought home from class; it is necessary for completing the inventory form.

  1. Instrument
  2. Serial #

 *Percussion students: Please indicate "Percussion" in all instrument information fields on the form.


2. Complete instrument inventory agreement. A separate inventory form must be submitted for each instrument.



 If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ehrlich at


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